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 Professor Sir Liam Donaldson

The Former Chief Medical Officer (67-69)

For me, Wills was much more than a place to stay, much more than a temporary billet to be quickly forgotten, much more than an enclave of cliques and fragmented groups going their own way. It was a genuine and rock-solid community where friendships were forged and character was formed.

The Wills Hall Association has just published a new edition of

A History of Wills Hall

 112 pages hardback, over 100 photographs

Fully updated and revised text

New chapters and photos on the origins of the Hall, the historical site and the building of the Hall.

Also new chapters on the Hall under our three most recent Wardens.

Cost £12

All profits to the Association

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The Association exists to keep our several hundred members in touch with Wills Hall and with their friends and contemporaries. We also help to facilitate action in any matter concerning the needs and wellbeing of Wills Hall. Membership can be a way of making contacts across a wide range of work sectors. We keep members up to date with current developments affecting hall. A strong membership provides a strong advocacy of hall life in the university and wider afield.

For more details about what we do and what we offer members as well as how to join the Association please explore the site using the menu above.